For the next twelve weeks, CrossFit TurnPoint is going to get strong as we dive into the Hatch Squat Program. We will be squatting two times a week, utilizing both the front and back squat. Rep schemes and percentages will vary week by week so just stick with the program and trust the process during these 12 weeks for the best results.

Last time I did the Hatch cycle, I felt so much stronger in my training, especially with things that I highly disliked such as wall balls. They suddenly felt EASIER! My squat clean went up by 20% and my snatch by 10%.

Here are a couple tips for the back and front squat:


  • Avoid excessive bending forward of the torso, lock in shoulders and back by driving elbows down underneath the barbell


  • Keep elbows up high in the front rack position, maintaining grip with all fingers underneath the barbell

With all of your squat movements, keep a tight core and inhale a big breath before beginning your descent to the bottom of your squat. Maintain good foot positioning with toes pointed forward, feet underneath your shoulders, and knees pushed out, not forward.

If you would like to save time by not having to calculate your percentages every time we squat, you can download the hatch squat spreadsheet here: Hatch Cycle