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Hear From Our Members

I’ve been around CrossFit for about 7 years now. I can honestly say that Michael’s programming is as good as it gets for all-around fitness. Some gyms like to focus on power lifting, some gyms on olympic lifting, while others are more geared towards body-weight and gymnastics. Michael’s programming is so well balanced that I’m stronger and faster after just six months at CF-TurnPoint. Of course, the members are nice and fun, and a little dorky. So it’s a positive environment to get your fitness on. Dog-friendly. Highly recommended.
— Phu, Experienced CrossFitter
I joined CrossFit TurnPoint about 7 months ago and I’m so happy I did! I never had a desire to join a CrossFit gym, but a few of my friends go here and convinced me to take a class. I was hooked after that!
All the members are super welcoming and don’t make you feel less than if you can’t do certain things.
I typically take classes with Coach Michael, who you instantly feel like is an old friend but still keeps it professional. Coach Christine and Coach Citrus are amazing as well! So happy I joined TurnPoint and you will be too.
— Lauren, New to CrossFit