Now Hiring Coaches!

Hours: Part-time, evening classes (4:30/5:30/6:30pm)

Responsibilities: Coaching & Community Engagement

Pay: To be determined based on experience

Description: This position is an opportunity to play a valuable role supporting the continuous growth of CrossFit TurnPoint. This position requires knowledge of CrossFit and coaching fundamentals as well as the desire to build a thriving community at CrossFit TurnPoint. We expect all of our coaches to be able to lead and manage group fitness classes, care about the experiences of the athletes, and help out around the gym keeping it clean and organized.  All of our coaches’ personal health and fitness is a priority, and we expect all coaches to lead by example and train with our community.

Required Qualifications – 

CrossFit Level 1 Certification or higher
Minimum of 2 Years of personal CrossFit experience
Passion for barbell and Olympic weightlifting

Preferred Qualifications - 
CrossFit or similar specialty certifications (kettlebell, gymnastics, yoga, etc.) 
Excellent oral and interpersonal communication skills
Demonstrated CrossFit Community Engagement

Duties & Responsibilities – (not limited to)

Train with our TurnPoint members
Coach 2 – 8 classes per week (may include some weekends)
Learn member’s names, abilities, and limitations
Active involvement in community events
Utilize social media to support and promote the community
Become a leader and motivator in the community
Bring a positive attitude and engage with members in your classes
Attend monthly coaching meetings
Address member concerns and issues within your ability, refer other concerns to management
Mark member attendance and engage with your clients on Wodify
Maintain Facility and Equipment


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