These one hour classes are the bulk of what most of our athletes attend and the core of our community. Experience the full spectrum of what CrossFit embodies with knowledgeable coaches and community members motivating you along the way. Three types of modalities - Metabolic Conditioning, Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting - are programmed together to make up the WOD (workout of the day). We at CFTP understand the complex idea of kinesiology and bring this knowledge to our members through careful planning of the workouts. Classes are designed to be broken up into sections Warm-Ups, Mobility, Skills, Conditioning and Strength each day is unique in the way that it is presented with the exceptions of “Bench Mark” WOD’s which test and retest athletes’ growth in his/her CrossFit career. Our classes are beginner to advanced friendly with levels that are designed and attached to each WOD for you to choose from depending on skill set or just how your feeling that specific class

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Open gym is available so members can fine tune their skills anytime during open hours.   Precision American Barbell plates and barbells (both male and female) are available for use during open gym in addition to all of our other CrossFit equipment.   Open gym hours are included in the price of a monthly membership.


One hour yoga classes are offered once a week Sunday mornings.  Yoga classes are included in the price of a monthly membership.


Olympic Weightlifting CrossFit TurnPoint

This class provides our members an opportunity to break down the classic lifts - Clean & Jerk and Snatch - into sections for a better understanding of the technique used to master Olympic Weightlifting.  Accessory movements are added into the class to improve strength and positioning - helping athletes to perform these lifts with precision and efficiency. Mastering these lifts is not an easy task. This class specifically targets just the Olympic Weightlifting portion of CrossFit. We understand some of the difficulty these movements can present for our athletes . Putting in the “work” will help with the fatigue associated with these lifts during your WOD. Apply your new knowledge of Olympic Weightlifting and achieve some of those max lifts!


There are many aspects to an individual's athleticism that require attention.  Sometimes it's as simple as squat technique or as complex as a complete body composition transformation.  We have a grasp on what it is you need and we listen to exactly what it is you want.  By combining the two together with private coaching we bring some of those wants and needs to reality.