7 Questions You Should Ask Any San Diego, CA CrossFit Gym Before Becoming a Member

Due to the overwhelming number of CrossFit gyms in San Diego many people may be unsure of what to look for in a quality CrossFit gym and where to start searching. Here are 7 important questions you should ask any San Diego CrossFit gym before becoming member:

1)    How are new members incorporated into the gym?

Having a dedicated Foundations or Fundamentals program for new athletes is very important as CrossFit can be dangerous if not performed under proper supervision. Learning the proper techniques and form is vital for your safety and overall experience. At CrossFit TurnPoint, we have all new members start with attending a three day Foundations Course prior to attending regular classes. After completing the foundations course, one of our  CrossFit coaches will work with new members throughout the first few weeks of training to help guide them through classes.  

2)    What type of certifications do your coaches hold and how long have they been training CrossFit classes? 

It’s important to ask what type of certifications (i.e. CrossFit Level 1, USAW Sports Performance Coach, Nutrition Certifications) trainers hold, as well as how long they have been actively coaching. CrossFit certifications can be obtained by taking a weekend course and are valid for 5 years. Just because a coach has their CrossFit Level 1 does not mean they are an experienced coach. Coaching is developed through working with clients on a daily basis. Practical experience is just as important as book smarts.

3)    How are movements modified for pre-existing injuries or mobility limitations?

Many people who are new to CrossFit may have led a sedentary lifestyle or have had previous injuries. It’s important to discuss these limitations with a member of the coaching staff to see how specifically they can address your needs. 

"The coaches really care about each individual's progress and are always giving feedback to help you improve while avoiding injury.  If the WODs are a little intimidating, the coaches will provide instruction on how to scale down or modify the workout to tailor it to your own abilities." -Christine S., CrossFit TurnPoint Member since August 2014. 

4)    Does your gym offer a variety of class times and open gym?

Having access to both morning, afternoon, and evening classes is important as people’s lives are in constant motion and you want to make sure you are able to fit a workout into your daily schedule. Additionally, Open Gym hours allows members to work on specific skills or workout on their own outside of classes.  In addition to flexible classes and open gym hours, at CrossFit TurnPoint, we have a shower facility for members who need to tidy up after a workout.

5)    What is your gym's vision or philosophy? 

There are many CrossFit gyms in the San Diego area and it’s important for you to find the one that fits your needs. Whether that means you want to train to be a competitive athlete, or you are looking for a supportive community to start your fitness journey; you need to find a gym that supports your goals. Asking about the gym’s vision or philosophy will give you an inside track to how your goals and theirs align. Learn more about CFTP and our gym's mission, here

6)    Are your workouts posted online? 

By posting workouts online, gyms open their programming books up to the public. This can be very scary for gyms without a track record of success. Looking through a week of workouts, you want to find a gym that programs varied workouts (so you do not overwork one muscle group), are scaleable, and smart. Be wary of gyms who do not post their workouts online because what do they have to hide? You can check out our daily workouts, here.


7)    How does the gym describe their community?

Community and CrossFit come hand in hand. Oftentimes people say it’s the community atmosphere that encourage them to show up for a workout after a long day at work. You want to find a gym with a strong sense of community. From BBQ’s to beach workouts, the stronger a community the more inviting and welcoming a gym will be.