Our Programming

We at CrossFit TurnPoint understand the complex idea of kineisiology and bring this knowledge to our members through careful planning of the workouts. Classes are designed to be broken up into sections: Warm-Ups, Barbell, Conditioning, Trunk-Core, and Gymnastics. Each day is unique in the way that it is prescribed with the exceptions of “Bench Mark” WODs which test and retest athletes’ growth in their CrossFit careers. Our classes are beginner to advanced with levels designed designed for each WOD.  Choose from levels of Rx+/Rx/Level 1/Level 2 depending on your personal skill set or just how you're feeling during that specific class. All of our coaches here at CrossFit TurnPoint train themselves with this programming - so we know firsthand that what we are putting out there is safe and can can effectively take your fitness to another level.

We use Wodify for our daily workouts and class reservations. Download the Wodify Mobile App to make signing up for class even easier!

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Past Workouts