Wodify is an online whiteboard which allows you to report what you've accomplished in both the strength and the conditioning portions of each workout. It remembers your max lifts and reports them back to you upon your next check-in. If tomorrow's WOD contains front squats, when you check in and wave the mouse over your name, the screen will remind you of what you've previously done. Knowing what you are capable of will give you a daily goal to meet and beat.

Wodify also ranks athlete performance throughout the day, complete with notes section where you can share the details about your WOD. On the green band? Make a note. Feeling tired? Note that too. Extra proud that you've Rxed the workout? Make sure to check the box next to your name that says Rx! You can even log in throughout the day and check out how other members are scoring in real time! You'll have an idea of how long it will take you to complete and be able to set a mental goal hours before even stepping into the box. This shit is genius. And the best part? It's so easy even a caveman can do it.


  • Performance Tracking - Wodify will store your workout history ensuring you are on track to meet your CrossFit goals.
  • Nutritional Journal - By assigning Coach Michael as your Nutritional Coach, you can send him your food journal for a personal review.
  • Mobile App - This app makes it simple to register for class, view the WOD, and see how you are stacking up next to your peers for the day.
  • Account Credit - Wodify allows for your to place credit on your account to purchase our retail products through our new self service point of sales system or through your mobile app. You can place any amount into your account credit and reload when you are getting low. 
  • Wodify Locator - Use Wodify when you are out of town to find a Box to WOD with. Wodify streamlines the drop in process for athletes.
  • Class Reservations System - Wodify allows your to reserve a spot in class up to a week in advance allowing you to plan out your week.

Are you new to CrossFit TurnPoint? By signing up for a Free Trial Week here,  you will have access to our Wodify system to begin tracking your performance and reserving classes. 

The moral of the story is: you don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. Wodify is our map to get us to where we want to be! Learn more about all of Wodify's features and sign into your account at: